David Lynch on the Conditions for Creativity

November 20, 2020

Persistent habits facilitate creativity by leaving the mind open and uncluttered. The undeniably creative Lynch explains his methods.

2 Responses to “David Lynch on the Conditions for Creativity”

  1. Ron Kanter Says:

    Makes perfect sense. I find that I can accomplish much more creatively or otherwise focusing on one project at a time. Too many projects leads to little success with any of them.

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  2. Bob Says:

    Yes, thanks, I find that clear constraints set the conditions for the freedom of creation. Good examples include the size and shape of a page to determine composition in a drawing or painting and even something as common as a general plan to begin a woodworking project. A page of sheet music can provide this for a musician or, for the musical improviser, the existing structure of the music piece can provide a base from which to explore.


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