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The Inward Eye offered a variety of personal growth workshops throughout the year. Workshops were typically from 3 hours to 6 hours in length in order to provide a full experience for the participant in a context of safety and community. The content of the workshops also varied and may have required basic, intermediate, or advanced experience for attendance. (Check each workshop description for such details.)


USING THE INNER GUIDE (basic, 6 hours):

Using the Inner Guide was one of the basic workshops in the series. In this workshop, using the imagery process, we each asked for an inner guide to direct and support us to know what kind of inner work we each were to do this day. After a short experience with the guide in the imagery process, we took some time for contemplation and then went to the art making. Basic supplies were provided, mostly drawing and polymer clay, and participants were encouraged to make art in a way which supported the imagery process: either by continuing the process with the art materials or by illustrating the just experienced imagery. There was ample time provided for this part of the workshop. This was followed with a period in which participants were invited to share their experience with the others. There was no interpretation or judging of the work or the sharing but rather, one received feedback about how the work affected the others. Also, the maker of the art was offered some information on how, in relation to some aspect of the art or imagery experience, they might return to the inner guide and ask for a deepening of the experience. After a break for lunch, which was on your own but was usually taken as a group at a nearby cafe, the overall process was repeated in the afternoon with the request to the inner guide for the deepening imagery process. The day ends, with a group sharing in which the experience was contextualized for the participant.

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Using imagery as a portal, this workshop introduces the experience of each type of knowing available from each of the four functions of consciousness. Participants have the opportunity to understand their uniqueness and skills in regard to knowing and can develop new skills and awareness. Participants will be guided to meet and dialogue with imagery guides from each domain of the four functions of consciousness during which one can learn about themselves and access growing and healing experiences. We will include art making, writing, and sharing as part of the workshop.

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I CHING, IMAGERY, AND ART (basic, 3-4hours):

Using the Karcher and Ritsema translation if the I Ching (1995, paperback, HarperCollins) we will learn basic use of this unique version of the Chinese oracle of Change. Using the I Ching “as a psychological tool, a way of connecting with the creative imagination that underlies all philosophies and systems” (from the jacket notes), we will read the I Ching, evoke an Inner Guide to help in understanding and applying the reading, and use art making and group sharing to deepen and solidify our experiences. This edition of the I Ching is especially evocative of imagery as a way of knowing and so is a good match for the use of Interactive Guided Imagery and art. A sufficient number of volumes of the I Ching are provided for the workshop. Prior experiece with the I Ching or Interactive Guided ImagerySM, or skill in arts making are not a requirement for this workshop.

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CHAKRAS IMAGERY AND ART (intermediate, 6 hours):

The Chakra Imagery workshop is one in which the participant will be guided to ask for an image to arise form each major chakra. The major chakras are energy centers located along the centerline of the body starting at the base of the spine and ending at the very top of the head. Each chakra is associated with physical/emotional/psychological/spiritual energy and attention placed here can facilitate insight and healing. The guide that arises from each chakra will help the participant
to understand ways in which they may be blocked and what might need to happen in the imagery process to open the flow of energy. The initial journey into the chakras with imagery is followed by a period of art making to continue and support the experience and then by a period of sharing in which one may support the work of the others in the group as well as help to understand one’s own work. The art making is a continuation of the process or an illustration with the art materials of the just experienced imagery.


The Five Elements workshop addresses the Tibetan Five Elements of Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Space through the use of simple breathing techniques, guided imagery and art making. Through the course of the day we will use the breath to meditate on each of the elements with the intention of bringing ourselves into balance. Guided imagery and art making will also help to deepen the experience with each of the elements and bring further insight.

SENSE OF PURPOSE (intermediate, 6 hours):

The Sense of Purpose workshop provides an opportunity for each participant to imagine and dialogue with several elements of their sense of purpose and then ultimately with their overall sense of purpose which is the synthesis of all the others. This process allows one to imagine in a broad way about themselves based on elements which may be more familiar but formerly not experienced as connected. This workshop is helpful to re-ground one’s self in their world or to imagine a fresh start.

SYMPTOMS IN DIALOGUE (intermediate, 6 hours):

This workshop addresses the information available in the experience of symptoms and how to dialogue with it to further healing. Physical and psychological/emotional symptoms will be addressed. As with the other workshops, art making and sharing will be essential parts of the experience.

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