Lying and Creativity

December 16, 2009

It appears that there is a link between lying and creativity. Jonah Lehrer, in his blog, The Frontal Cortex, writes about this and links it as well to the ability of jazz musicians to improvise. Interesting subject. Looks like a blog worth following.

From one of my best resources, this: "Philosopher-comedian Emily Levine talks (hilariously) about science, math, society and the way everything connects to everything else. She's a brilliant trickster, poking holes in our fixed ideas and bringing hidden truths to light. Settle in and let her ping your brain.(Recorded at TED2002, February 2002, in Monterey, California. Duration: 22:52.)" 

Watch here, below, or go to

This article from Wired
is about how human memory works and how
computers can enhance it- not by storing more data for retrieval but by
training the mind. It is remarkable to read how different our expectations for learning and memory are from the results of this research. To be in accordance with the patterns of learning that are described here would require some significant divergence in lifestyle from what most of us currently do- as well described in the piece.

I wonder if these new discoveries in learning and memory are as much a result of computers’ influence on us as the influence of the human’s development of computers.