Patterns That Connect

January 27, 2020

This is a fascinating video showing the movement of a school of striped eel catfish moving collectively almost as a single entity, reminiscent of flocks of sparrows behaving similarly but in the air, not under water. It also brings to mind Gregory Bateson’s great 1972 book, Mind and Nature: A Necessary Unity;, in which he discusses observable and recognizable patterns in nature from an epistemological perspective. Knowing can and does take place of systems and meta-systems through observation of “patterns that connect”.

2 Responses to “Patterns That Connect”

  1. Ron Kanter Says:

    Hi Bob,
    Fascinating example of connections in the natural world. Makes me think that many of the connections in the human world are less than natural.
    Also great timing to remind me to be observant and take nothing for granted during my visit to Uganda. I’ll check out Bateson’s book when I return.

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  2. Diane Says:

    Nature is the real pulse of life, unlike most art. The darn nature!!!


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