Some Ways to Address Headaches and Migraines

June 25, 2008

People who suffer with headaches and migraines
can often have a frustrating experience trying to get rid of or control them. There are lots of reasons one can get a headache and sometimes simple remedies like an analgesic like aspirin or ibuprofin isn't enough. I have seen people reduce or eliminate headache and migraine symptoms with guided imagery. Martin L. Rossman, M.D., has a two CDs that offer guidance- "Headache Relief" is one that addresses the problem directly and "Guided Imagery for Self-Healing Book and CD Set" is another that offers a more in-depth experience into the basics of guided imagery. You can find a therapist who uses guided imagery here.

Another approach is to use biofeedback therapy. You can find a biofeedback therapist here. Or you can treat yourself and have fun, too, with the "Journey to the Wild Divine" software and computer interface package that uses a game format to engage the player. Negotiating one's way through the game requires using the biofeedback to relax or excite the mind. It's great fun and very helpful, too. Biofeedback is a good way to address the symptoms and the causes of headaches and migraines.

Kelsie Kenefick, a biofeedback therapist, has written an article entitled, "Can Migraines be Controlled?" and another called, "What foods Trigger headaches and Migraines?" for the Wild Divine Newsletter and can be found at those links.

One Response to “Some Ways to Address Headaches and Migraines”

  1. Sandy Says:

    This post is interesting, as I think so much of our personal reaction to a headache (or any type of pain) is to reach for a pill. I am guilty of this also, and for years before finding the causes of my persistent headaches, took aspirin with caffeine and sudafed as a way to remain pain free. I was ultimately diagnosed with allergies, and now use an allergy medicine plus neti pot daily — and seldom suffer from headaches. However, in the recent past, also have used progressive relaxation and guided imagery effectively, to address other types of headaches.


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