How do you stimulate your imagination?

June 4, 2008

Crow on stump1
I wonder if the readers of this blog have interesting or unusual ways to stimulate their imagination? Regular readers might surmise that I use direct interaction with imagery to stimulate imagination. Some imagery guides, such as the crow depicted here, become guides to access what is to be found in the imagination. I know this seems a bit redundant since using imagery is obviously itself a form of imagination. But I find this method to open the gates wide to the imagination. I have written about how this is done in this blog here.

Another method I have found to be useful is automatic drawing, or the scribble technique. Using this method I will begin a scribble with no conscious intention, stop scribbling when it feels time- usually before the scribble becomes too dense, and then search for nascent images in the scribble followed by a deliberate enhancement of those images. I have found this to be a surprising and rewarding method of discovery using the imagination.

How do you access your imagination? Share your techniques with us.

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