Right Brain/Left Brain Knowing

March 19, 2008

The following video from TED.com is an inspiring and moving story of neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor’s experience during the process of having a stroke! As she says in the eighteen minute talk, it is the report of a brain scientist about their brain- this time from the inside. She doesn’t describe the long rehabilitation process that must have followed this experience, but she does describe, with great eloquence, her experience as the holistic right side of her brain comes to dominance over the debilitated , linear left side. The difference in the way each side perceives is clear and remarkable. Her description of her experience sound so much like the experience of states of mind attainable through meditation. Her insight and her joy is a delight.

Any comments?

2 Responses to “Right Brain/Left Brain Knowing”

  1. harvey Says:

    quite moving- beautiful. My answer to Taylor’s question which side would I want to be on? Both- right hemi for the parallel experience and left for getting help. We are grateful that she can tell us about her experience of union with the cosmic energy.


  2. Bob Says:

    Harvey: You got your wish- as you know, you are already on both sides. The beauty of it is that the right brain experience is always there for us to experience. The question is how to get to it- without having a stroke. That’s what meditation is for- training the discursive mind to quiet and allowing the connected, holistic, spacious mind to be directly experienced.


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