Tuition Cuts at the Academy for Guided Imagery

April 15, 2019

I was certified through the Academy’s Professional Certification Training Program many years ago. It was one of the most significant aspects of my professional development in Art Therapy and Counseling. Now, if you are interested and professionally qualified, with radical discounting and off-site learning available, you have a great opportunity for some unique and valuable training. I recommend this training most highly.

Only 2 weeks left to sign up for this discount!


The Academy for Guided Imagery Announces Major Tuition Cuts On Selected Guided Imagery Courses and The Lowest Certification Tuition Ever!
No travel required! Students can now take all classes from their home or office via Distance Learning, and attend the live Preceptorships via online interactive video webinars.

For a limited time, tuition for our 13 hour introductory program (FIGI) is now only $99.95 (formerly $195). Such a deal! Even better, the tuition for our 150 hour Professional Certification Training Program (usually $3495) has been temporarily reduced $2000 to $1495 with extended payments as low as $177/month for nine months. This tuition reduction will end as soon as our 2019 class is filled and will continue no later than April 30, 2019.

Former students consistently report that their new expertise using Interactive Guided Imagerysm has been so helpful to their patients that they are now referring their friends and family members in for care. 

By enrolling in Profession Certification Training, you will learn how Interactive Guided Imagerysm can be used to:

• Create and explore a personal inner imaginary place that is beautiful, peaceful, safe, secure, private, and free from pain, stress, and trauma where one can rest, relax, recharge their emotional batteries, and heal (Personal Place Imagery).

• Evoke a needed emotional quality or feeling state that will support any personal challenges one faces (i.e. how to feel more courage, skill, determination, patience, creativity, etc.) (Evocative Imagery).

• Communicate with the head of one’s inner cheerleading team who is a source of great personal knowledge, wisdom, and support, and who serves as an invaluable helper in taming an inner critic (Inner Advisor Imagery).

• Discover the etiologic source of why one feels the way they do by using Affect Bridge Imagery to return to the first time they felt that way. Once there, they can review that event from a more contemporary adult perspective (Regression Imagery).

• Resolve resistance and inner conflicts that can sabotage success in any weight control, drug or alcohol dependence, smoking cessation, or exercise training program (e.g., one inner part wants to quit while another part doesn’t want to) (Resistance Imagery).

• Meet one’s inner child or even their inner children and learn how to catch them up with what’s happened in one’s life (Inner Child Imagery).

• Teach pediatric imagery to real children to teach them how to reduce anxiety associated with medical procedures and to cope more effectively with pain, stress, and trauma (Pediatric Imagery).

• Help heal the emotional wounds in yourself or others who are survivors of adult or childhood trauma (PTSD Imagery).

• Relieve pain and other symptoms and improve tolerance of medical procedures in people with cancer, chronic pain, AIDS, and other catastrophic and life-threatening illnesses (Somatic Imagery).

• Support dying patients and their caregivers, and help family members move through the predictable stages of grieving following loss (Transformational Imagery).

To qualify for this special tuition discount, you must enroll in Certification Training or the Fundamental of Interactive Guided Imagery (FIGI) Course April 30, 2019, when this tuition discount ends, and complete all training requirements no later than December 31, 2019.

International students, those with disabilities or ongoing family or work responsibilities can now actively participate online without having to travel to Los Angeles. For more information and the requirements for attending the live Preceptorships online, click here.

If you’d like to become recognized as an expert in using guided imagery and enjoy all the other benefits of Academy Certification, we encourage you to register right away, for available space is limited and with this discount offer, we expect our 2018 class to fill quickly. 

To find out more about this special offer or to enroll now, click here

One Response to “Tuition Cuts at the Academy for Guided Imagery”

  1. Diane Pieri Says:

    Hi Bob,

    Wish I knew some young people wanting to be art therapists whom I could forward this to… a perfect world!

    Hope all is well and going along.

    Love, Diane



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