Imaginary Foundation t-shirt

That phrase in the title, "To understand is to perceive patterns", I believe to be true. So much important and useful information comes from perception of pattern. The unconscious functions by pattern, which is why dreams are understood best through the observation of what an object stands for rather than a literal view of it. Pattern reveals so much through rational processes as well, which, for one example, is why statistical analysis can be so useful.

This interesting web site, Imaginary Foundation, began in Geneva in 1973 as an experimental "think-tank" for new ideas. "Created by an eclectic group of free thinkers, the foundation's research spans all creative endeavors and assigns as it's goal the wish to eliminate set conventions in favor of the humorous, the abstract, and the visionary." I wish there were more information on the web site about that these folks actually do and what are some the their results.

Well, at least it has lots of interesting and imaginative men's and women's t-shirts like the one pictured above, dresses, posters and more- all on the theme of the imagination. 

And also very cool- but I don't know what I'd do with these, they also have a new set of trading cards, the All-Star Pattern Seeker Trading Cards, that have the pictures of twenty-three pattern oriented thinkers, such as Buckminster Fuller, Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Joseph Campbell, and others. Check it out.