The Crow Whisperer, by Lauren Markham

March 20, 2021

What happens when we talk to animals? – Harper’s Magazine

Linocuts by Jonathan Gibbs for Harper’s Magazine

I read this essay with excitement and gratitude. Markham tells a story about a level of relationship with animals with which I have direct experience, especially with crows but not limited to crows in similar fashion to her descriptions. What makes it particularly relevant for this blog is the awareness that much of the communications take place non-verbally but with focused attention and intention. In my experience this happens in the domain of the imagination. Not day dream imagination, but focused, intentional mindful attention.

I have had many experiences with crows similar to her story. While I will not now write my own lengthy stories about this, I heartily recommend reading Markham’s moving piece which does a great job of portraying the phenomenon. If you know of other similar accounts please share them in your comments.

The Crow Whisperer, By Lauren Markham | Harper’s Magazine
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2 Responses to “The Crow Whisperer, by Lauren Markham”

  1. Sandy Schoenholtz Says:

    What a fascinating article!


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