Modern Art with a Timeless Feel

January 8, 2010


I'm going to jump on the bandwagon and re-post a couple of items that were posted elsewhere this week. This post is about the art work of Mike Dacey who has a studio in Boston, Repeat Press, where he produces wonderful prints. Mike makes use of screen printing, vintage letterpresses and wooden type blocks to make designs like no other- both up-to-the-moment modern and also antique in look and feel. 

Mike has been making posters for bands and other events and, as you will see with a visit to the studio through the photos of Meighan O'Toole at her blog, "My Love for You You…". Mike was also written up by Christine Liu, Correspondent for the Boston Globe, at the Boston Globe web site, where you will see an example of the wallpaper Mike has produced using his designs.

Full disclosure: I have known Mike for many years and visited his studio just last September. Congrats, Mike!

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