Contemporary Painting from Tibet

May 17, 2009

The Blissful Love Filling All Space, Gru-Gu Choegyal Rinpoche

"The Blissful Love Filling All Space" 

Gru-Gu Choegyal Rinpoche

A show of contemporary painting from Tibet took place in Rome, Italy, in February and March of 2009 organized by the Italian NGO ASIA Onlus.  Tibetan Visions Contemporary Painting from Tibet can be seen at a web site where the art is shown at There are eight painters shown, and fifty-one paintings. The painter's work shown is quite different, one to another. None of the work represented has the feel of traditional Tibetan painting, although several of the artists have a spiritual theme that is recognizable as Tibetan. I found the art here to be quite interesting in theme and style. I was particularly attracted to the work of Gru-Gu Choegyal Rinpoche, whose work is shown above here, because of the use of abstraction to portray states and experience- and perhaps because of the non-traditional approach to the traditional themes.  Enjoy.

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