Obama Campaign Logo- More to It Than You Thought

January 20, 2009


In an article in the Huffington Post dated January 18, 2009, Ben Arnon writes about Barack Obama's campaign logo. The logo is a very attractive, evocative image and there is quite a story behind its creation. What is most of interest to me is the interpretation that an art therapist made about the logo. Carol Cox, an art therapist and professor of art therapy at George Washington University and Pratt Institute. Read the article to get the whole story and more of the Cox interpretation.

One Response to “Obama Campaign Logo- More to It Than You Thought”

  1. Sandy Says:

    I also found the art therapy perspective especially interesting — the symbol is very evocative of a hopeful perspective. Or is that just what I want? I wonder if a political conservative would have a similar take on it, or an entirely different perspective?


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