Electric Sheep in Your Computer

October 7, 2008

This video is about a fascinating community project called Electric Sheep in which art is uploaded to a server, configured into video, and combined with other submissions, all through the connection of thousands of sleeping computers who are running their screen saver program. This results in a continually evolving abstract animation with over 60,000 daily participants. The artist/computer scientist Scott Draves has been developing this for years and has created what he calls "meta art". Electric Sheep is permanently hosted at the New York's Museum Of Modern Art web site, MoMA.org's Design and the Elastic Mind. You can find out more from the links above or at Wikipedia.

My experience of watching the examples of this was that the images were beautiful and trippy, reminiscent of natural forms and cells as well as cosmic images and modern art. Sometimes the images evolved into painting-like forms that reminded me of paintings I had seen- or that I wish I had made! The YouTube video below is 9:53 in length. Enjoy!

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