5 Alternative Medicine Treatments That Work – CNN

October 16, 2007

"Empowered Patient" is a regular feature from CNN Medical News
correspondent Elizabeth Cohen.
In this piece, Ms. Cohen reports that five alternative therapy treatments really work. These include acupuncture; some herbs like St. John’s Wort; calcium, magnesium, and vitamin B6 for PMS; glucosamine for joint pain; and guided imagery for pain and anxiety (italics mine). She also includes a link to a University of Minnesota site where you can find a demonstration of a guided imagery session. You can also find an excellent article by Marian Sandmaier on my professional web site, The Inward Eye. "Imagine That", first published in Oprah Magazine in January of 2006 under another title, describes guided imagery, interviews some experts about it, and describes a session with yours truly as guide.

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