Wild Divine Sale

October 9, 2007

Wild Divine, the company that produces and sells the computer game, Journey to the Wild Divine, and other Mac and PC software and its accompanying hardware is having a sale. I’ve had a link to this company on this blog for some time because I think their products are high quality and of great usefulness.

The game, Journey to the Wild Divine, comes with a small biofeedback device that connects to your computer by USB. When you put the sensors on your fingers you can control aspects of the Myst-like game with your mind! In order to progress through the game you must learn to use your mind to relax or excite. There are additional modules for those who want more variety or challenges and a module that is simply the biofeedback program, bypassing the game aspect altogether. There are even tips from mind/body experts like Andrew Weill, Dean Ornish, and Deepak Chopra. I have enjoyed and benefited from use of this game myself and have recommended it to clients for relaxation, enhancing concentration, self-awareness, and focusing attention.

Use this link or the graphic links above or at the bottom of the right column to go to the Wild Divine web site for more information or to purchase. There are discounts now available of 10-20%. To get the discount, which is available now through October 31, 2007, use the code BIGSAVE.


One Response to “Wild Divine Sale”

  1. Bob Says:

    The link below is to a 3 minute video at TED.com about the use of fMRI for biofeedback. Progress.


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