Guided Imagery for Anxiety

October 8, 2007

There are many uses for guided imagery to address a variety of problems that we suffer from. I plan to address some of these in future posts and today the focus is on using guided imagery to help with anxiety. Anxiety is an all too common problem in our society that can be experienced as fear of performance, avoidance of social interaction, can limit the perceived choices available to a person, and can manifest in mild or intensive forms. Anxiety can be treated with psychotherapy and/or medication.

In an earlier post (Imagination in Counseling and Psychotherapy,11/13/06), I mentioned how using interaction with imagery in therapy, in the form of guided imagery, supports the learning and continued use of self-reflection and insight. Using imagery in this context also helps a person to access the unconscious in a safe and structured way so that information that can lead to healing and growing can be accessible.


Learning to do guided imagery is not difficult- it can be learned quickly and easily from a book, from personal or group instruction, or from recordings. I have recently listened to a CD, “Anxiety Relief” by Martin L. Rossman MD, that offers instruction on the use of Interactive Guided Imagery[SM] (IGI[SM]), with a specific focus on anxiety.

I am a certified practitioner of IGI(SM) and trained at the Academy for Guided Imagery, a school that Dr. Rossman founded and directs, so I have a thorough understanding of this process. I am going to give you some links during the course of this post to help you to purchase this CD, or others, from Dr. Rossman’s web site, The Healing Mind. I intend to give you some information that I think you will find useful to decide if this is a product from which you will benefit- and I will benefit as well since I will make a small profit from each sale made from links on this blog to The Healing Mind.

The disk consist of a short introduction; an explanation of how the power of your mind can relieve anxiety; and three exercises, each a bit over twenty minutes in length. The first exercise is Deep Mind/Body Relaxation. Here you will hear Dr. Rossman’s soothing voice and calming demeanor guiding you into deeper and deeper relaxation, scanning your whole body and easing your mind. The second exercise is Dialogue with Your Inner (Wisdom) Advisor. This is one of the fundamentals of IGI(SM). The Inner Advisor is described as the embodiment of love, wisdom, and caring, and knows you very well since it is a manifestation of your unconscious. This Inner Advisor can be a guide to know how to grow and heal in ways that no one outside of yourself could possibly know. The Inner Advisor can be a guide to address your anxiety- where to find it in yourself, how to transform it when you find it, and how to bring this into the world of your daily life. The third exercise is Evocative Imagery. This is a form of imagery that can help you to address anxiety through asking for help with building strengths that you may feel you lack.

Learning how to relax is essential for reducing anxiety and Dr. Rossman is quite skilled in helping you to do so with a variety of suggestions as he guides you to become increasingly aware of your body, to shift your attention from the outer world to the inner world, and to relax more and more deeply. He will guide you to experience a peaceful, safe place in your imagination to further deepen the sense of relaxation and peace. He will help you find your inner guides to help you view issues and solve problems that may be causing your anxiety. You will feel in good, capable, even masterful hands as you journey along with Rossman’s guiding as he takes you from deep relaxation, to a safe and comfortable place in your imagination, to meet your inner advisor, and to learn what there is to learn about your anxiety as a way of addressing and reducing its effect, and to develop skills to identify and strengthen qualities to deal with stress and anxiety.

Click here to go to Dr. Rossman’s web site, The Healing Mind, to learn more about this disk or purchase one for yourself. I’ll be reviewing more of Dr. Rossman’s guided imagery disks before too long- so check back soon.

4 Responses to “Guided Imagery for Anxiety”

  1. The links in the this post to The Healing Mind don’t seem to work …


  2. Thanks for the heads up, John. The text links to The Healing Mind in this post are working now.


  3. hai mam iam a msc student studying in INDIA & i have taken guided imagery as my tool for studying anxiety level in patients who will undergo endoscopy.i request vou to help me by providing the best way to use guided imaery in my resaech.


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