Guided Imagery Information

May 21, 2007

I am happy to say that I have recently affiliated with Dr. Martin L. Rossman and his web site, The Healing Mind, where he has made available much solid and practical advice on the use of guided imagery in support of healing. Available there are suggestions for specific uses for guided imagery to address a variety of maladies and a number of products which I feel my readers will find useful.

From The Healing Mind web site: Forty years of modern medical research shows that mind/body medicine can help people with back and neck pain, headaches, anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome, high blood pressure and a host of other common chronic conditions. Relaxation and guided imagery (RGI) can also reduce complications from surgery or other medical treatments and is used in leading hospitals and clinics around the world.

As a trained practitioner of Interactive Guided Imagery (SM), I can testify unequivocally that this method works with many conditions. I am gratified to have helped people with physical, emotional, psychological, social, and spiritual problems to improve and even eliminate their symptoms through the use of guided imagery so I am pleased to have now affiliated with him to make this method more widely available.

Dr. Rossman has available a number of products that can aid the new or experienced user of guided imagery with problems such as stress and anxiety, pain relief, cancer and coping with cancer treatment, addictions, and women’s health issues. There are disks available with guided imagery sessions to address a variety of issues and books to delve more deeply into what is guided imagery how it works. In later posts, I’ll review some of these products one by one to help you understand what you’ll find.

Click here to go to The Healing Mind web site where you can find a free “stress buster” audio download and a free video of Dr. Rossman explaining guided imagery.

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