Creativity and Imagination

January 31, 2007

Does anyone doubt the connection between creativity and imagination? Pretty clear, I think, in most people’s minds. Does creativity exist without imagination? Does imagination exist without creativity? I guess it depends what you mean by those terms.
You could say that all imagination is creative because it represents something construction by your mind. Is all creativity imaginative? Not necessarily, I think. You could create something again and again, re-making it over and over. That would be creating but not very imaginative- unless maybe it was used in imaginative ways after the creating.
The imagination, allowed its fullness of expression, can create fresh and surprising images and ideas. Those can then be used to make creations. Maybe it depends on whether the source of the creation is one’s imagination or someone else’s idea.
Creating can be just building or making something or it can be an act of imagination put into the making- language, art, music, craft, science, business or any other form of expression. I guess its all imagination and creativity with varying degrees of each.
What do you think?

One Response to “Creativity and Imagination”

  1. Christa Says:

    I think that creating can be a direct output from the imagination and that it can go deeper and be a dance with the subconcious/unconcious.
    In art the result, some say, is valuable as a process (think Jackson Pollock) and not nessessarily the product (a canvas with spatter on it). Pollack put things on the canvas he said he was afraid for anyone to see so he spattered over it…..maybe it came from his subconcious and maybe he was afraid of sharing it. So there could be an imagining process for creativity. I like to think so.


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