Interpreting Imagination?

January 11, 2007

Must we interpret our imagery? In a comment posted about last week’s post one person asked why we must interpret our imagery. It’s not only a good question, but it is an important one. To understand our images best we must know them through the process of the imagination, itself. To try to understand the imagination through means other than the image is to filter it, leaving out some of the most unique aspects of this way of knowing. The intellect, which is the main filter we use to analyze and interpret, employs a form of logic quite different from the imagination. So, while interpreting and analyzing are fine ways of knowing, it must be understood that what can be known through these methods will always produce results from a logical system that doesn’t necessarily fit other ways of knowing, like imagery. If you want to understand your imagination, your imagery, you must first do so through the use of imagery, itself. Only then can you employ interpretation to further understand without destroying the logic of the image.
Having said all this, in agreement with the commenter, I must also say that this should not prevent me from being able to analyze imagery, images, or the process of creating them. I must take care to do so without compromising this precious, delicate, and “wonderful gift”.

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