Imagination and Reality

December 30, 2006

Could imagination be considered another form of reality?  I’ve often had the feeling that imagination was something that to be valued needed to be brought into reality by making use of it, perhaps by using it to stimulate creative work. But another view might be that the experiences of the imagination could be considered just as real as those of our ordinary reality.
Carlos Casteneda in his exploration about the sorcerers of the Yaqui Indians in Mexico, described the imaginal domain in which his teacher, Don Juan, was adept at traveling. Black Elk in “Black Elk Speaks” described his experience of a vision quest in which the visions were a powerful connection to a domain beyond ordinary reality. Carl Jung in his many writings described the power and meaning of images that can be accessed through the use of active imagination, dreams, art, and meditation. Tibetan Tantra practices evoke images of beings who inhabit domains beyond ordinary reality and who can protect and transform practitioners. In the many religions images are used as powerful ways to support devotion and practice. Some even say that the imaginal domain is actually more real than ordinary reality- that ordinary reality itself is illusion.

3 Responses to “Imagination and Reality”

  1. sandra Holloway Says:

    Why can’t imagination simply be a wonderful gift that some of us have, and that is colored by our life experiences? Do we have to analyze it? Can’t it simply be wonderful, magical, and a gift that we use for our creative endeavors?


  2. M. Mattice Says:

    I have used my imagination to heal various ailments in people – without touching them. The healing was immediate and seemed to last. Does this type of healing have a name? I just happened to discover this ability and would like to learn more about it. Please help…


  3. Bob Says:

    In response to the comment by M. Mattice, thanks for commenting. I’m not sure if there is a name for what you have experienced- it depends on what action you actually took. There is a healing method called Reiki in which a practitioner uses their hands, without touching the subject, to move energy to facilitate healing. Also, many indigenous shamanic traditions use the imagination to heal. Much of this is described in writing under the heading of Energy Healing, Psychic Healing, or Energy Medicine so you may find some connections that way. I would think of this as a wonderful gift. Enjoy your search. Bob S.


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